Thank you for visiting our site. My brother Rick, and I, started this company after caring for our mother for a few years. We battled insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, the health system, and the legal system. She ultimately became the first patient with a tracheostomy in the state of Pennsylvania to be approved for Home Hemodialysis.

It was an uphill battle but it was worth every step. We have learned a lot along the way despite us having well over 50 years of health and legal experience between us!

Our goal is to help elders age in place. There are resources available to help with this. Do you know that many of the resources available to you are not advertised? These are resources that your tax dollars funded!

How many elders take advantage of the onetime grant of $2000.00 from Allegheny County to modify your home? We used this money to buy my mom a stair lift which helped her maintain her quality of life. Let us help you access resources and maintain your independence.

We are an A -Z service provider. In addition to health care and legal advocacy, we can help you access resources for grocery shopping, laundry, lawn care, taking out the trash…you name it. Our goal is for YOU to stay in YOUR home. Let us know how we can help!

Check back often as we will be sharing useful tidbits of info to help you in your journey.

Ruth Tarantine, RN



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